October 10, 2007

Ronoldinho Jar Jar

…I’m not kidding. Sad.

I love Football, so much I prefer the word Football over Soccer, and I live in the US. I live it; it’s in my heart and my soul. Yet I fell asleep watching the Columbus Crew play FC Dallas. Why? I’ve seen Women’s College Football games more intense and exciting than this mockery of the game. Granted, some MLS games are fun to watch, barely.

Our Football stars went overseas. Clint Dempsey went to Fulham in the English Premier League and Freddy Adu went to Benifica. MLS needs to be more competitive when it comes to fronting the cash to keep our stars. Don’t let Josey Altidore slip away, please!!! We no doubt have enough sponsors coming aboard, thanks to Beckham, which I won’t get started on that whole debacle. We don’t need Rooney, Henry or Ronoldinho (a.k.a. Jar Jar Binks) in our league. We need home grown talent! We need more youth camps, more urban football programs, and better established youth leagues. A.Y.S.O. is a joke; a fascist youth association ran by evil “soccer moms”, where teams are stacked beyond belief!

Another thing, the pitches in which MLS is played on, are the worst example of a field. Granted, their getting better, but slowly. The Red Bulls are getting their own stadium, and I hear it’s going to be beautiful! MLS can be so much better; someone needs to make it so. That someone needs to go to Europe & South America (or anywhere BUT the US), and do some research on why Football is the sport of the World. After a year or two abroad researching, they need to come back and implement what they learned into the MLS. Our league doesn’t need to be like any other league, keep it American, but start developing the drive and the passion for the sport.

I want to see Arsenal come play any MLS club, show how football should be played!




Game Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007, PS2.

October 4, 2007

I really wanted this game to be the Soccer game I was looking for. With Fifa 08 right around the corner, I picked this up and played it for the first time. I was impressed with the gameplay, and the pace of the game. The one thing that stuck out to me the most when playing, is when I pass the ball, the receiver stops in their tracks — doesn’t attempt to move towards the ball if an interception is imminent. The training is hard, not because the controls suck or anything, but the descriptions on how to do things are completely, well… missing.

Good graphics, for a later generation PS2 game. A lot was left to be expected really. The weather effects could have been done a little better. The models and textures were spot on, and fields themselves (just the grass part) were superb.

Overall, its a fun game, its one of those you would play a few hours a week, just to get a fix.