Game Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007, PS2.

October 4, 2007

I really wanted this game to be the Soccer game I was looking for. With Fifa 08 right around the corner, I picked this up and played it for the first time. I was impressed with the gameplay, and the pace of the game. The one thing that stuck out to me the most when playing, is when I pass the ball, the receiver stops in their tracks — doesn’t attempt to move towards the ball if an interception is imminent. The training is hard, not because the controls suck or anything, but the descriptions on how to do things are completely, well… missing.

Good graphics, for a later generation PS2 game. A lot was left to be expected really. The weather effects could have been done a little better. The models and textures were spot on, and fields themselves (just the grass part) were superb.

Overall, its a fun game, its one of those you would play a few hours a week, just to get a fix.


Review: Fifa 2008 Demo for Xbox 360

September 24, 2007

I went over to Dave’s house to watch Disturbia, which ended up being a pretty good movie, and decided to download the Fifa 2008 demo on his Xbox 360. I want this game on PS3, but figured, what the hell, and checked it out. I haven’t played the demo on the PS3 yet, due to my lack of a PS3 😦 lol. Loading the demo up, past the title screen you enter an empty pitch, with just your character (Ronoldinho from Barcelona FC) and a Keeper. This is basically a “free run” mode where you can practice / learn new tricks and practice shooting at the net. This is a pretty cool idea, especially if you were able to load up the same level with other friends online, this would make an awesome game lobby. Graphics were crisp and smooth, framerate was nice and high, and the lighting was stunning, even on an older CRT TV.

My only real complaint about the demo is the complete lack of any instruction whatsoever. Hitting start, and looking at a controller setup would of been nice, seeing as how I looked like an idiot for about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to do the most basic of dribbling moves… Lame! Shooting was abnormally difficult too, which it shouldn’t be, at all.

After all that, I decided to play a match, can’t remember what club I was, seeing as how I just rushed in. Again, graphics are pretty, models look nice, lighting is stunning and the detail is all there. First thing I noticed gameplay wise, was passing, shooting and dribbling felt a little slow. I don’t want it to to be super arcade fast like Pro Evo Soccer 08, but damn these players are like middle schooler fast. A quicker pace would be nice, and quicker thinking CPU players would be even better. I also noticed the keepers are utterly useless. In slo-motion you can easily see the keeper diving for a ball that has already passed him, and is halfway into the net, wtf!? I want to play the PS3 demo very bad!

I found a pretty cool video of a guy named SvV_Ying who recorded his gameplay on the PS3. Check it out.