Platium – Gold – F**king Diamond Edition!

The new Jungle Book — 40th Anniversary Platinum Edition just came out, Whoop-de-freakin’ do! Holy crap, the original was awesome, I watched it last week with my future bro-in-law lol. Are studios becoming SO desperate they need to re-release the came material over and over again. I’m still waiting for my damn Digitally Remastered – Gold – F**king Diamond Edition of Tron to come out! So they re-colored the cells of the animation, awesome. So they reduced some of the noise in the original soundtrack, great. Re-release it once, and let it go! I can understand them re-releasing it on a different format, but thats different.


One Response to Platium – Gold – F**king Diamond Edition!

  1. Mag says:

    i love you too bug bug… ❤

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