Online Game Lobbies

While I site here and munch on my Flake bar (which I think I’m the only person in the US who knows about these flaky bars of chocolate goodness), I am going to rant a little bit, so enjoy

Recently I did a mini-review for Fifa 2008 on my blog ( and something came to mind while waiting for the game to load… Online Game Lobbies, well, SUCK! Why can’t online gaming lobbies be fun, more than just a chat section with the list of names about to enter the pending frag-fest? We’re in the next-gen era now, right? I read on Penny-Arcade a while ago that they wished a game Lobby in the Tiger Woods Golf game, would be a driving range, where you could smack the tiny while ball with your friends, seeing who can hit it the furthes. Kind of like a mini-game while you wait for the match. Or, OR, the mini-game could be to wack the guy picking up the golf-balls with the cart, first one to him him, wins. Below are a couple examples of how I think in game, mini-game lobbies would be a great addition.

Fifa 2008 – While I wait for the online match to start, load up a Virtual Pitch (field for the Americans), and let the players in the lobby, have a quick soccer mini-game. Or just let them do what ever they want on the empty pitch. In the Demo you can choose to mess with the ball, doing tricks and shooting on goal in an empty pitch, let this be the online lobby!

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 – The Game lobby is just a bunch of names, with the teams, where you choose if your ready or not, how fun!!! Seriously, this is boring as shit Why can’t the game lobby be a firing range? Something innovative, shit like I said, we are in the NEXT GENERATION ERA, which should just mean awesome graphics, this should also mean Next-Gen Gameplay!

So the lobbies don’t even have to be mini-games, they can be anything, as long as they are interactive, and don’t make the player want to kill themselves from boredom.


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